According to the latest documented crime statistics regarding breaking and entering / burglary crimes throughout Canada, the city of Vancouver, BC ranks 24th out of the top 100 cities with a rate that is nearly 37% higher than the national average.The most valuable thing that the Security Alarms offer is the protection of your family or employees, reducing the chance that your home or business will be targeted by an intruder Not only could you lose valuables, but you could also become a victim of a home invasion, a potentially life-threatening situation.

Depending on your preferences we choose the best available solution for your premise. Our system specialists will design commercial grade electronic sensors in strategic locations that are likely to be possible points of entry. We offer fully customized solutions, providing different options to you. We’ll offer advice on which one might be a better choice for you, and assist you to make final decision.

We are partnered with one of North America’s leading Alarm Monitoring company and will customize our Intrusion Alarm Monitoring option to specifically fit your needs so that you get an optimal protection from threats such as theft. Your home and business will be monitored 24/7 providing you with round-the-clock protection. The professionals at the monitoring center are ready to act in the event of an alarm following the guidelines provided.

Smartphone Control for your Alarm Systems

Our smart home app enables you to connect with your system from anywhere.  With one of the highest rated user experience in the industry, it will send you an alert if your door locks, monitoring sensors, or security cameras trigger an alarm.

3 Steps to having a Smart Home

With a Cloud1 Security fully integrated security alarm systems, you’ll be alerted whenever a door or window is opened.  Our smart sensors protect every possible entry point where an intruder could gain access to your home, not just the doors on your home.

To start having a safer and smarter premise, follow these 3 easy steps:

  • Contact us and set up an evaluation appointment
  • Get a FREE estimate at home or over the phone
  • Have your new security system installed and operating

For more information regarding our home automation, security cameras and alarm systems, contact Cloud1 Security at your earliest convenience. We offer immediate assistance and will be glad to assist you with your specific requirements.