Considered to be the frontline of your business and home security needs, Access control and intercom systems serve multiple purposes. They ensure entry to only authorized personnel. At Cloud1Security, we offer an outstanding variety of customizable access control systems that can easily be tailored to address your specific needs.  Compared to old school lock and key systems, these are state-of-the-art and will ensure continued security for any business or organization. This eliminates all doubt of a compromised security system whenever staff or tenant changes are made because you will no longer have to worry about who has or doesn’t have keys to your building or office.

We design and customize these cutting edge security systems that are reliable, powerful and user-friendly. They suit a myriad range of businesses that require integrated security systems for access restrictions. And our technicians and security specialists can provide you with complete information to operate it effectively. These include:

  • Card Readers, Biometric Readers, Pin Pads
  • Door egress bars
  • Electronic magnetic locks
  • Digital keypads
  • Key switch controls
  • Motion sensors for door release devices

With our access control systems, you have more control especially where security is concerned.  For example, if an electronic key is lost or stolen, you simply log on to the Access Management Software and have it deactivated.  Unlike standard keys, these electronic tags cannot be copied.  You can assign them to certain individuals for tracking purposes as well.  Furthermore, you can allow access to certain areas while denying it for others.  These access control systems can use card readers, user pins, facial recognition, fingerprints, or a combination of all technologies if desired.

In addition to access control systems, Cloud1Security also offers professional installation of intercom systems for Homes, businesses and organizations located in Surrey, BC, Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.  Whether you need a basic intercom system or something larger and programmable with multiple station installations, we have the products to facilitate your needs and requirements.  The intercom is an integral component of any building or office security system.

Additionally, a video intercom system provides even greater security because it enables you to see and hear who is at an entry door or gate.  In so doing, you can decide whether or not to allow them access to your building or office, thereby avoiding a potentially dangerous situation.  For more information regarding these high-quality access control and intercom systems, call Cloud1Security today and schedule a security evaluation appointment.